This was an interview i did for another great project I am involved in called Influence. Funny enough I am now involved with Jibe Longboards too…one thing leads to another in life and I am so fortunate to always have a lot of change surrounding me. Happy reading and don´t stop riding! How I succeed […]

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One of my good friends from Italy has started up this amazing new project. A blog where he connects all of his friends from his travels into one platform. Here we share our stories from our own adventures but it is also a unique opportunity to gain insight on whats going on around the globe, […]

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So the Olympic hype has worn off – but hey how crazy was Twitter during the games?! I bet Sage Kotsenburg’s phone was struggling to keep up with messages, tweets, Facebook updates and more. Communication today has never been so diverse, so easy and so important. Are messaging apps the future of social? Facebook’s acquisition […]


Age, a number that defines the years you have been alive since that spectacular day your mother gave birth to you and you instantly became; the wonder child, the little prince or princess, the apple of your parents eyes. Webster defines age as: The time of life when a person does something or becomes legally […]

The year is 2014. To be able to reminisce a time where cell phones, Facebook, and apps were not yet available or even invented for the market to be spellbound by, nearly puts you in the same category as dinosaurs and Titanic survivors. Yes, people I am actually in that category but-and there is a […]


Christmas is for many a time of self reflection, a time to look back at yet another year gone by, to reminisce times of joy and laughter and to acknowledge times of pain and challenge. It is a time of peace, a time to embrace family and to honor the friends, who have stood by […]

There are people who you will meet and be inspired by, but somehow end up leaving your memory and slowly start to fade away with the passing of time. And then there are the people who enter your life out of nowhere, as if they just got beamed down to earth in that very second […]